Siji Aquatics

Easy Way to get Imported Fish direct from the Source?

yes, it is now Super Easy to get imported fishes from Indonesia, just consider it as you buy from stores within your country!

Now, whether you are a hobbyist or you are a wholesaler, we can serve you better, no hidden fees, no wasting time chit chat, all information you needed, is provided here, and… the most important part is, its super easy to do.

so, let’s check this out


  • Always understand and agree on the Terms and Conditions before making any purchase.
  • For Retail buyer, please contact your Country / Area transhippers regarding on the shipping cost and transhipping fee, before purchasing.
  • For Wholesale buyer, please Contact Us and confirm the Shipping Cost, before making any purchase
  • Please understand about the Warranty we gave to every buyer.
  • and Last but not least, Register for a membership in our website


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For Retail Customer
  1. After you do do all the general steps, please proceed to our Shop page and choose the item you want to buy, then click "add to cart"
  2. Click, Checkout, when you already get all items you want to buy.
  3. if you want to modify the amount of item, do not forget to click Update Cart, after you modify the item. and then make your payment.
  4. Check on the Shipping Schedule and please pay your transhipper 7 days before the shipping schedule. and let us know when you already done that.
  5. Your order will be shipped to Indonesian Transhipper 1x24 hours before the shipping schedule.
  6. Send us your feedback after you get the fish here

Thank You