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This is How Your Fish Will be Shipped

Transhippers List

all retail buyer Should Contact and Agree with the transhipper before any purchase

click here to Contact Route 45 on Facebook

Our Main partner in U.S.A

Receive and Deliver Accros U.S and Protectorate, Based on Chicago, Shipping via Southwest and Fedex Overnight.

Contact Joel via Facebook

Texas based transhipper, has been in the business for more than 5 years.

click here to Contact Jan Sassmann via Facebook 

Based in Germany, serving all countries within Europe Union

clik here to Contact Dean via Facebook

Based and Serving acroos United Kingdom

Click here to contact Leong via Facebook

Singapore based, serving singapore and Malaysia

Click here to contact Al So via facebook

Hongkong based, serving China mainland, Hongkong and Taiwan

Click here to contact Season Rain on Facebook

Thailand based shipper serving Thailand, and forwarding to Brazil and South Korea

Click here to contact Lam Tuan via facebook

Serving Vietnam

Retail Fish Shipping / Transhipping System

For you who wants to buy Retail from us, or you want to buy Wholesale, but you don’t have import license, do not worry, Siji Aquatics has transhipping network who will take care and ship your fish to your door. here’s how it works

1. There are 4 parties will be involved in this shipping
  • Seller : siji aquatics 
  • Indonesian Transhipper : a company who will ship the fishes overseas
  • Receiver Transhipper : a company / person who has import license, and will get the fish being shipped from Indonesia. then forward them to your address.
  • Buyer : You
2. The Steps and the Cost
  • From seller, we deliver your order to the Indonesian Transhipper, free of charge
  • The Indonesian Transhipper will send your fish, along with the other fishes, on schedule to the receiver transhipper. the cost depends on what and how many fish you get you can click here to check the International Shipping Cost
  • Receiver transhipper will do what’s neccesary to your fishes, then send them to you using local shipping. there will be cost for this service, which is Transhipping Fee and Local Shipping Cost, please contact your transhipper about the cost.
  • You get your fish. don’t forget to take video while unboxing, in case the fish arrived dead, you can provide this video to claim for warranty.
3. International Shipping Cost Based on Bag Size

 4″ bag : US$5 

 5″ bag : US$7

6″ bag : US$15

8″ bag : US$25

10″ bag : US$35

12″ bag : US$55

16″ bag : US$75

Shipping trough Transhipper means no Tracking Number / Air Way Bill

Wholesale Shipping / Port to Port Shipping

for Wholesale buyer, who has import permit, Siji Aquatics offers Port to Port shipping without third party involved. This method will saves the cost of transhipping fee and local shipping. here’s how it works.

1. The Conditions

  • Make Sure your nearest airport to receive fishes has direct flight from CGK. or you can Contact Us for confirmation.
  • Minimum Total weight for Port to Port Shipping is 100Kgs ( approx 4-5 boxes )
  • You have import permit / license.

2. The Steps and the Cost

  • Arrange the shipping date, and we will book the flight and let you know when is the available date.
  • After the schedule has been arranged, please make payment on the fishes and the shipping cost.
  • Airway Bill, Invoice and Packing List will be given 3 working days before the shipment.
  • We Ship the fish.
  • Shipping cost for Wholesale can be seen here

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